Selasa, 12 April 2011


After launching party Goji The Dino 10 'Resin Art Toy, at the end of last month, now The Yellow Dino opens new orders for its merchandise in collaboration with Lou Belle Shop.

a long wait from the fans of The Yellow Dino. made with very limited only 60 pcs. so this is one item that you should have.

With an interesting mix of production such as High quality silkscreen, Embroidery, with good quality materials, and also added to Laser Engrave acrylic tag match, cutting sticker, mini yellow envelope artwork and packaging. only with prices at U.S. $30 per (IDR 200,000)

for bookings you can contact the tees are available in-store at Lou Belle Shop in Bandung, Indonesia (Contact: or rima.insania @ As well international purchasing are to email inquiries

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