Rabu, 13 April 2011


After a long wait, The Yellow Dino's Goji the Dino is finally available, and we've got the details on this release. Produced by MyTummyToys, the resin Goji is 10" tall, limited to a run of 30 pieces, and is fully hand-crafted & hand painted with two points of articulation.

Each Goji is individualy signed and numbered, and comes with birth certificate made from real leather — individualy numbered with laser engraving, a cutting sticker and a laser-engraved wooden box.

The price is US$250 (shipping included), but remember that this is a hand-crafted, hand-painted 10" limited-run resin figure. Something like that in that size never comes cheap. For purchasing details, e-mail marin@mytummytoys.com. I don't know if I can afford one right now ... but I want one, pretty badly.

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