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Kuota ! and Langgeng Art Foundation

Kuota! Is an exhition project inviting several artists who we thought have created intriguing works in the las few years.
Kuota! Is an initiative by the curator Hendro WIyanto. Who takes a “flashback” approach with regards to the art activities in Indonesia so far-be it exhibitons or art far-be it exhibitions or art practices by Indonesia artists.

S. Teddy Darmawan
Love Tank (2009)

Surrounding David (2008)

Eddie Prabandono
Luz #3 Membangun etos (2009)

Kanwa Adikusumah
Lost Soul (2011)

Baihaqi Hasan
An Accidental Harmful Stillness At The Darkest Hour (2011)

Baihaqi Hasan
Accidental Memory in the Case of Death (2008)

Faisal Habibi
Sculpture IV (2010)

Wiyoga Murhandanto
A Space formely Known as a Graveyard (2008)

Narpati Awangga
Itil Payung (Clitoris Umbrella) (2011)

Narpati Awangga
Samsudin (2001)

Not merely recording or remembering the past. Kuota! Also contains the idea to select and put emphasis on certain art works. As a project that we can consider “an exhibition of exhibitions”. Kuota! Will also be able to make presentations and practices of discourse that are different from the original exhibitions.
The retrospective exhibition was initially held regularly by Langgeng Gallery. The first Kuota! Exhibition was held in 2005 (Langgeng – Icon Gallery. Jakarta), Followed by the second one in 2007 (National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta), From 201 onwards, Langgeng Art Foundation (LAF), An initiative by the owner of Langgeng Gallery, Deddy Irianto, turns Kuota! As one of the foundation’s routine event. LAF holds the 2011 Kuota! In collaboration with curator Henro Wiyanto, who is also a member of LAF’s board of advisors.

Public Lecture
On visuality & phenomenology
By F. Budi Hardiman
14 April 2011, 4.00pm

A dialogue with the curator
15 April 2011, 4.00pm

Exhibition Period
20 March – 7 May 2011


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