Selasa, 08 Maret 2011


Started as part of Yogyakarta Art Festival in 2008, it stood independently in 2009 and became Jogja Art Fair. It asserted its goal to play a role the international market and morphed into ART|JOG in 2010.

Stands as the artists’ art fair, its two most recent events were done under grand themes and were curated like how exhibitions or even biennales would. Now in its fourth year, the time is ripe for ART|JOG to harvest the results of its experimentations.
As part of its effort to be an active event with a clear positioning in the global art world, ART|JOG reaffirms its standing this year. Born in a city of art and culture known as the source of Indonesia’s creative industry, it consistently remains the artists’ art fair. How the world will perceive it and how it stands in the lively art fair community is still unclear, but its decision to continue with its ‘artists’ art fair’ format is a conscious one while it continues to evaluate and build new strategies to address future consequences. To be present and to position itself in the international art fair sphere is one of ART|JOG’s major goals.

more info and open call application : ART JOG

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