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All Night Long Video and New Media Arts

This is a 12-hours only event!
From Thursday, 12 May 2011, 16:00
Until Friday, 13 May 2011, 04:00

The first video will be screened on 18:00.

“SELAMETAN” is a Javanese-Indonesian concept of a community gathering, where neighbors and friends are invited to a celebration of an important occasion, to pray and hope for a better future and, most of all, to gather in a convivial sphere. In Yogyakarta, the city where LAF resides, an all night-long wayang performance (shadow puppet play) usually becomes the central part of “selametan”. SELAMETAN Digital is our own version of such long and deep-rooted tradition.

As much as this tradition is still practiced, we are also witnessing that in many ways our life activities and artistic expression drawn by and into digital technology. We are embracing all new forms of art and cultural expressions which in the process of ‘becoming’. We are witnessing, with enthusiasm, how new technologies becoming part of our daily lives, and shaping our contemporary culture. SELAMETAN Digital is an all-night long video and new-media works viewing session to inaugurate Langgeng Art Foundation.

The inauguration speech by the founder of Langgeng Art Foundation Mr. Deddy Irianto and our first director Mr. Enin Supriyanto will start at 19:00 and ends at 19:30.

The people in the foundation are:
Mr. Deddy Irianto, founder and advisory board; Mr. ST Sunardi, advisory board; Mr. Hendro Wiyanto, advisory board; Ms. Tanty Edowaty, steering committee; Ms. Aisyah Hilal, steering committee; Mr. Enin Supriyanto, director; Ms. Grace Samboh, executive director; Ms. Ditya Sarasiastuti, operational manager; Mr. Tony Godfrey, academic board; Mr. Goenawan Mohammad, academic board

Participating artists are:
Ade Darmawan (Indonesia); Anggun Priambodo (Indonesia); Douglas Davis (USA); Genevieve Chua (Singapore); Harwan “Aconk” Panuju (Indonesia); Joseph Beuys (Germany); M. Adel Pasha (Indonesia); Miltos Manetas (USA); Muhammad Akbar (Indonesia); Nam June Paik (Korea); R.E. Hartanto (Indonesia); Reza “Asung” Afisina (Indonesia); Sara Nuytemans (The Netherlands); Su Tomesen (The Netherlands); Tromarama (Indonesia); Wimo Ambala Bayang (Indonesia); Wok The Rock (Indonesia); Yusuf Ismail (Indonesia); 10 Years of Video Art in Indonesia (curated by Hafiz, Indonesia); Green Papaya Projects (selected works, Philipines); akumassa (selected works, Indonesia); OK Video Militia (selected works, Indonesia); Video Battle (selected works, Indonesia)

We would be very honored if you are interested in coming down to Yogyakarta for our inauguration night.

Langgeng Art Foundation

Postal address:
Jl. Suryodiningratan 37
Yogyakarta 55141

[p] (62)274-417043
[f] (62)274-317712

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