Jumat, 25 Februari 2011


VOID is a newly established local boutique that prides itself on focusing mainly on utilizing the homegrown talent that is abundant but somewhat unknown to the passer-by on the streets of Singapore.

The boutique prides itself on stocking products and artworks designed and crafted with pride special attention to detail by various artists and designers. Strongly believing that the only way to nurture talent is to give them an outlet to showcase their creativity in a space readily accessible to the public.

And now VOID launching their are product The Uncommon Essential (T.U.E.) and CARBONATED

The Uncommon Essential (T.U.E.) is our in-store label which strives to bring out the
unusual and slightly off-beat touches to all forms of essential clothing for both men and
women. With the creative input from various artists, we will grant them full creative
freedom to apply themselves to designing everyday garments with their very own twist.
Turning an essential into something uncommon.

CARBONATED is a collaborative effort between local boutique VOID and renowned Singaporean artists and establishments. This limitedly released creative collaboration gives the various artists and establishments creative freedom to express and interpret the overarching theme in whatever way they see fit. Each product will feature the artists and establishments’ signature styles but at the same time, fall under the Carbonated theme.

more info and product : VOID The Uncommon Essential CARBONATED

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